Educational titles

Oxford Reading Tree Story Sparks

Sam’s Backpack

Illustrated by Sarah Horne  

Sam has a big backpack.  But does it have everything he needs?

A 12pp phonic-based story

Sam’s Big Dinner

Illustrated by Sarah Horne  

Can Sam cook a big dinner for Mum – with no mess?!

A 12pp phonic-based story


Planet Cake

Illustrated by Ana Garcia

On Planet Cake, the rocks are not what they seem…

A 16pp phonic-based story

Oxford Reading Tree All Stars

The Chicken Who Liked Chocolate

Illustrated by Sarah Horne  

Charlie the chicken has had a taste of chocolate.  Now she’s on a mission to make sure that chocolate is all she ever eats!

A 48pp chapter book




Dancing Feet

Illustrated by Catalina Echeverri

Clumsy Mabel Green hates her dancing lessons.  She’d much rather be playing football.  But when she watches ‘Come Dance With Me’, something mysterious happens…

A 64pp chapter book

Oxford Reading Tree Story Sparks


Dear Mum  

Illustrated by Agnese Baruzzi   Anna and Joe are on an adventure round the world…and sending letters home to Mum.


The Story of the Train Stop  

Illustrated by Michael Garton and Anna Hymas   The train has stopped – but the story is just beginning…

Oxford Reading Tree InFact

Beautifully produced books with loads to discover – who says non-fiction can’t tell a story?



Illustrated by Kristyna Litten    A gorgeous wordless book showing how the seasons change in one garden.


Day and Night

A wordless book which looks at the life of a small town changes from morning, to noon, to evening, to night.



How Many Babies?

A wordless book.  Do you know many babies an elephant has – or a seahorse?



One Potato, Two Potatoes

How to plant your own potatoes – and you just need one potato to start!


download (1)

Who Eats Who?

Illustrated by Rebecca Elliott    Don’t break that food chain!  I’m so delighted this title was shortlisted for the Society of Authors and ALCS 2015 Educational Writers Award – the UK’s only award for educational writing.

imagesColour Codes

Find out how plants and animals use colour codes to say things like ‘Look at me!’


download (3)Outdoor Art

Discover art in unexpected places – and then make your own…

download (5)

Getting Dressed

Illustrated by Maria Bogade    A little girl gets dressed – whilst watching the changing weather outside!

images (1)Growing and Changing

Find out how your body changes as you grow older.

download (6)Gorillas

Discover how gorillas live – and how we can keep them safe.

Wordless stories

downloadThe Ugly Duckling 

Illustrated by Adam Record   Get your hankies at the ready…

download (2)The Lost Panda 

Illustrated by Shelagh McNicholas   This is based on the time I lost my own toy panda when I was little!

Oxford Reading Tree Story Games

download (10)A pack of story cards to support traditional tales and develop creative writing skills. Start with ‘Once upon a time’ and you’re off!

Bug Club Comic Books

These comic books are all rip-roaring adventures (and phonically decodable, too!)

download (7)Batman Turns Bad!

Oh no – an evil wizard has taken over Batman’s mind!

The Ugly DucklingThe Stone of Skood

Batman and Aquaman meet the captain of a ship who is under a spell…

download (9)Superpets to the Rescue

When an alien spell freezes the humans, the Superpets must save the day!

CachedImageSuperdog Finds a Friend

Superdog lands on Earth, and finds an owner.  But can he stay?

CachedImage (1)Get in the Game

Baddies escape from an online game – can Batman and Blue Beetle stop them from taking over the world?

CachedImage (2)Supermonkey!

Beppo needs some help to work out how to use his superpowers – before he causes chaos!

CachedImage (3)Supergirl

Supergirl doesn’t know just how super she is! Superman gives her a few clues.

For older readers

 download (4)Japanese Culture

An introduction to Japanese culture, from cherry blossom to ancient temples to manga cartoons.


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