• The Spectacular City

    Mouse and Bear leave their deep, dark Woods to visit the Spectacular City – a place full of sparkle and singing bright lights. There they meet Cat, who offers to show them around. But behind the glitter of the City lurk shadows, and Cat isn’t what she seems. Will Mouse and Bear manage to escape and find their way home? Illustrated by David Litchfield. You can buy The Spectacular City here

  • Loved to Bits

    My ted’s special. Stripy Ted. We make adventures round my bed. But he’s no longer at his best, so will I love him more – or less? Find out in my new picture book about the adventures of one boy and his beloved bear.  It’s illustrated by the wonderful Katie Cleminson, and published by David Fickling Books.    To buy Loved to Bits, click here. SaveSave SaveSave SaveSave SaveSave SaveSave SaveSave SaveSave SaveSave SaveSave SaveSave

  • The Wonder Tree

    “Mummy!” said Little Owl. “Look!  The leaves are all falling!” Mummy Owl tells Little Owl all about the wonders of the tree where they live: how it drinks sun, and sucks water from the earth.  And how it will be there forever for them, and their family. Illustrated by the brilliant Izzy Burton and published by Egmont. You can buy The Wonder Tree here, read my blog about how I wrote the book, and watch the introductory video.

  • The Marvellous Moon Map

    Mouse and Bear live in a little dark house in the big black Woods. Today, Mouse sets off on an adventure: he’s off to find the Moon with his Marvellous Moon Map! “I can go on my own,” he announces – and leaves Bear at home.   But as the Woods get darker, and the weather gets worse, Mouse realises that he needs more than just his Map to find his way…. Includes instructions to make your very own paper boat! Illustrated by David Litchfield. You can buy The Marvellous Moon Map here. Watch our film about how to make a paper boat! Praise for The Marvellous Moon Map:  ‘A truly sublime slice…

  • Ten Cars and a Million Stars

    Alice is counting to Baby in this counting storybook, illustrated by the wonderful Sue Heap.  I’m so pleased to be working with Sue again! See if you can count all the shy ducks, fast cars, smart penguins, cuddlye cats, floppy bunnies, shaky rattles, tiny mice, big dinosaurs, friendly monkeys and silly animals – all the way up to a hundred… and beyond! Published by Walker Books. To buy Ten Cars and a Million Stars, click here.

  • Hello!

    I write picture books and longer stories for children.  I also write non-fiction books for children, too.     The best part of my job is making things up…following an idea and seeing where it leads me! How did you become a writer? I used to be a commissioning editor at Oxford University Press, which means I asked lots of authors to write books and then worked with them on their stories.  I eventually realized that I really wanted to write books myself! So I left, and started writing books at our kitchen table. Or in cafés. Or in the garden. Just about anywhere, really! Where do you live? I grew up in…

  • Very Little Rapunzel

    Very Little Rapunzel has very LONG hair – and she refuses to get a haircut.  But then she gets NITS! How long will it take to comb her hair with a VERY small comb…and will the Very Little Prince ever be able to get down from her tower? You can buy Very Little Rapunzel here.  Illustrated by Sue Heap   Praise for Very Little Rapunzel: ‘So brilliantly observed, funny and cute! Again, this one really hit the nail on the head for us – having spent hours and hours virtually every morning trying to sort out Charlotte’s hair before school. Brilliantly observed and voiced as ever, and Charlotte says this…

  • Very Little Red Riding Hood

    Very Little Red Riding Hood is little. Very little. She’s off to her  Grandmama’s for a sleepover and she won’t let anything stand in her way. Not even a Wolf.  Join her on a very BIG adventure! WINNER, Best Picture Book award, Oxfordshire Book Awards WINNER, ‘What’s the Story’ award, Coventry Inspiration Book Awards Nominated for the Kate Greenaway Medal. Buy Very Little Red Riding Hood here. Illustrated by Sue Heap Praise for Very Little Red Riding Hood ‘★★★★★ ‘This quirky take on the original is fabulous – and sure to become a bedtime delight.’ The Sun ‘Delightful…switches on a nightlight to bleach out the darkness of the Grimms’ version.  A perfect present.’ Children’s Book…

  • Very Little Sleeping Beauty

    Very Little Sleeping Beauty is little.  Very little. Tomorrow it’s her birthday – but now it’s bedtime, and she’s not very tired…   You can buy Very Little Sleeping Beauty here. Illustrated by Sue Heap Praise for Very Little Sleeping Beauty: ‘Any parent who has ever spent rather too much time in the evenings trying to get their little ones to settle will absolutely love this hilarious tale!’ ReaditDaddy ‘This is another enchanting addition to the Heapy/Heap Very Little series and the maps on the inside front and back covers suggest more to come: I hope so. Reading these books aloud is a delight and I can’t wait for my first…

  • Very Little Cinderella

    Very Little Cinderella is little. Very little. She’s also very upset. Her Ugly Sisters are off to a party and they won’t let her come. But with a big blue scooter, an array of fabulous frocks and a Fairy Godmother for a babysitter, anything could happen!   You can buy Very Little Cinderella here. Illustrated by Sue Heap Praise for Very Little Cinderella: ‘A toddler version of Cinderella whose house-cleaning style is more Jackson Pollock than Martha Stewart. With splashy watercolor-and-ink illustrations and a wonderfully tongue-in-cheek tone, Heapy and Heap celebrate the spirit of willful toddlers.’ Starred review, Publishers’ Weekly ‘The second title in this excellent series of fairy tales…