The Marvellous Moon Map

Mouse and Bear live in a little dark house in the big black Woods. Today, Mouse sets off on an adventure: he’s off to find the Moon with his Marvellous Moon Map!

“I can go on my own,” he announces – and leaves Bear at home.   But as the Woods get darker, and the weather gets worse, Mouse realises that he needs more than just his Map to find his way….

Includes instructions to make your very own paper boat!

Illustrated by David Litchfield.

You can buy The Marvellous Moon Map here.

Watch our film about how to make a paper boat!

Praise for The Marvellous Moon Map: 

A truly sublime slice of storytelling from two of the best book folk around, absolutely certain to win you over just as it has us.’  Read It Daddy  

Theo’s enthusiasm for this simple story of friendship is unwavering. Since the first time we read it together, he has asked for it over and over again. It even inspired him to make his own Moon Map and paper boat!  The story is written beautifully and at times it seems almost poetic and the illustrations by David Lichfield are truly stunning but very simply put here’s why Theo enjoys this story so much:”I like bear helping mouse in the dark!”   ‘  Along Came Poppy, Mini-Reviewers Book of the Year

Teresa’s lovely story with its two endearing characters, the reassuring repetition of Bear’s words of encouragement and the delightful surprise finale find, combined with David Litchfield’s entrancing illustrations make for what I’m sure will become a story time favourite.’ Red Reading Hub

‘A sweet-natured story with a lovely sentiment and David Litchfield’s gorgeous artwork seems to shimmer and shine off the page like moonlight on water.’   Books With Baby